What materials do you use?

I mostly work with silver, bronze and brass to create all my jewellery and I strive to be smart with my designs to minimize metal waste. I source all my silver from coins, which reduces the footprint of extracting and refining new silver.

As a designer and jeweller, but above all a craftsperson, you must know I love playing and experimenting with materials like wood, paper, clay, glass, etc. You might find a special project every now and then.


How should I care for my Hand Laboratory jewellery?

Silver, bronze and brass are metals that change in appearance with time (a natural process called oxidation) and I encourage you to embrace this process. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your jewellery looking like the day you got it:

-Don’t shower or swim with your jewellery.
-Apply lotion, perfume, and any other skin or hair products before you put on your jewellery.
-Keep you jewellery in its small shipping box, your jewellery box, or a small airtight bag.

Basically, what you want to do is reduce the exposure of your jewellery to other chemical elements. Treat your jewellery kindly!


How long will it be before I receive my order?

Shipping and processing times vary throughout the year but I always try to send work out within 2 to 7 business days of an order being placed, depending if the piece is ready or is made to order. For more info, please see my Shipping & Exchange Policy.


Do you offer free shipping?

We have all been trained by Amazon and other very large corporations to expect free shipping, but the reality is that shipping is not cheap. As a very small business, I simply cannot offer free shipping.

More quick answers regarding shipping: I ship anywhere in Canada. I ship with Canada Post. Due to Covid-19, I’m not offering in-studio pick-up at the moment.

Please read the Shipping & Exchange Policy page for all the details.

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Is your jewellery production sustainable and ethical?

Two big words that are often tossed around by many brands. I have always strived to be a socially and environmentally conscious artist and maker and I believe that craft is inherently a way of making a positive change in the world. The act of making slowly, by hand and to-order, diminishes the high production-waste cycles and encourages consumers to be conscious of what they own. I also look for ways to be smart with my designs and packaging to minimize material waste. I source 80% of my silver from old coins, which reduces the footprint of extracting new metal and I search for suppliers that align with my values.

There is no beauty in destruction and we can always do better.


Can you make custom work?

I am currently not accepting new custom orders BUT I do love working on special projects. If you have any ideas or proposals for collaborations, shoot me a message! I cannot accept every request but I’m always happy to have a conversation and/or point you to anyone in my network of Canadian jewellers that might make the kind of work you are looking for.


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