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Studio at Harcourt House

We celebrated with an Open House on Saturday June 25, 2022. Everyone was invited to peek inside artist studios, chat with the artists and see the art created behind the walls of Harcourt House. Recently, the organization received a notice that the building would not renew its lease. That is a huge blow not only to the many artists working there but to the creative scene in the city. Even as my time at Harcourt House comes to an end, my appreciation for this place, its community and staff runs deep. If you want to learn more visit their GoFundMe page      #SaveHarcourtHouse image and copy go fund me link      

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Colour Theory at NYC Jewelry Week

Co-Adorn asked its members to explore Colour Theory for its sixth annual exhibition, presented at NYC Jewellery Week 2023. The exhibition posed the question to Canadian jewellery artists: What does colour theory mean to you?

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Let’s talk about dream collaborations.   “Gather’s collaboration with Victoria ended up revealing deep commonalities between two crafts that seem very different from each other on the surface. Her work is inspired not only by the visual language of weaving, but also by its meticulous and methodical process. Her earrings and pins let the wearer show off their weaving cred, but also provide a point of connection to the shared experience of all crafters in our work.” Shop the Hand Laboratory’s line for the Greenhouse Collection   

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